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Thoughts on (finishing) my Prozis marathon

Isabel Sanches
May 11th, 2020 · 2 min read

Preparing for the marathon

It all started in late 2014, on a recruitment event hosted by the amazing team at Cidade das Profissões.
There I got to meet the Three HR Musketeers: João (who also happens to be the Yoda of HR), André and Alexandre.
In a 5 minute window, they made me realize I had to join this peculiar company (that not many people knew about yet). Even though the feeling was mutual, the timing wasn’t the best - so we went our separate ways and stayed in touch (aka I made sure they wouldn’t easily forget about me ;) ).

Ready, set… GO!

Then along came Rui, CMO of Prozis at the time, and the chance to nurture and expand the B2B and B2C client network; this time… I got the job!
Thus began a journey filled with lessons learned from so many amazing professionals: Ana, Carolina, Daniela, Marcos, Rui Vasco, and Sérgio, to name only a few.
From B2B/B2C I moved to Influencer Marketing on a global scale - and then on to help César’s new team focus on the Portuguese and Spanish markets, while strengthening relationships with other internal departments (such as Customer Service, Social Media, IT, Design, R&D, and so on).

The last mile

Fast forward to 2017, when I start to get an inkling to try something different - but still make good use of the business knowledge acquired so far.
Given the opportunity to join José on tackling the SEO and Content side of Prozis, I was able to make the most of the good relationships I had built so far - and work closely with the “SEO magicians” (Soraia, Daniele and André F.), and our Master of Words (Margarida).
Having the support of our HR liaisons (Marisa and André) along the way, we became an amazing group of people that mastered teamwork, professionalism, and cooperation with other departments.

Looking back

I believe this “marathon” has equipped me with a unique skill set, and memories that will last a lifetime - so I can only thank every single person who contributed to it (and there are many more besides the ones mentioned above).

So if you’re looking for a professional in a certain area, maybe I can give you some suggestions ;)

You can share your thoughts, ask questions or just say hello by emailing, tweeting or linkedin-ing me.

Stay safe - and don’t be a stranger!

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