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Is blogging still relevant?

Isabel Sanches
April 25th, 2020 · 1 min read

Why are you blogging in 2020?

With the amount of great content available online, it’s too easy to overlook it. Hence the idea of (re)opening a place to share those often missed gems, even if just to keep a record of them. Besides, what better opportunity to launch a blog than a global pandemic?

Which platform are you using?

Having had my share of blogs/websites in the past, I thought it was time to try and put everything I learned in recent years into something created from scratch. Most of you are probably familiar with Wordpress, but this to the perfect opportunity to test and play around with Ghost, an open-source CMS (or ‘content management system’) that has been turning heads among content creators.

I will spare you the technicalities, but writing in Markdown can be serious fun!

what do you mean, no?

(More than using an uncommon CMS, this is a static website with headless Ghost + Gatsby, powered by the (beautiful) Novela theme.)

So what will you be writing about?

With a background in Chemical Engineering, I soon realised that I needed to increase the human factor in my professional life. This is why I ended up on the Marketing side of things, which is an area that still fascinates me. So you may expect to find some examples of marketing done right - but especially how you can find it connected to all other areas of our lives. I am also a great advocate of using productivity tools (and adapting them to your own reality), so you can also expect some user-focused tech articles - but let me know what you’d like to find here!

OK, cool. Now what?

Thank you for reading through this introductory article - and feel free to share your thoughts, ask questions or just say hello by emailing, tweeting or linkedin-ing me.

See you next post!

(photo by Danielle MacInnes)

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